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About Us

Meet Aalok – Your Personal, Professional Portfolio Manager

Mr. Devkota is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Devkota Capital Advisors. After managing stock portfolios of many small and large clients for the past few years, Mr. Devkota started his own firm in 2018 with one single mission – to make independent portfolio management affordable and within reach of average people.

After years of experience trading all kinds of stocks, Mr. Devkota has devised a unique quantitative and fundamental approach to selecting stocks and managing portfolios, which includes –

  1. Preserving existing capital
  2. Compounding the capital
  3. Minimizing large draw downs

He lives in Dulbin, California with his family. In his free time, he loves to volunteer in the community and neighborhood. Mr. Devkota is also an active member and supporter of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. He holds a MBA degree in Finance from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.